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Dental Digital X-Ray Sensors

QuickRay Digital Imaging X-Ray Sensor Systems

Owandy Opteo Digital X-Ray Sensor System

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor System

InstaRay Digital Imaging Dental X-Ray Sensor Systems

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensors (Sota)

Reg $ 6,295

Starting At $ 4,549

MaxiVision Dental Digital X-Ray Sensors

Bio Ray HR Dental Intraoral Digital X-Ray System by Sigma Digital X-Ray

Videograph HD IntraOral Digital X-Ray Sensors

HDI-S Digital Dental Xray Sensors

Sensibles Universal Sensor Holder Econo Starter Kit

ClioPrime Dental Digital Imaging X-Ray Sensor

Dentimax Dream Sensor Systems

Iridium Rex Digital X-Ray Sensor System

Clio Prime And Pedo Digital X-Ray Sensor 

Reg $ 7,999

  As Low As $ 5,049

Dentimax Dream X-Ray Sensor 

Reg $ 6,999

  As Low As $ 5,049

Rex Iridium Digital X-Ray Sensors

Reg $ 3,990

Starting at $ 4,899

Take your practice to the next level of radiography with digital solutions from Lions Dental Supply & Equipment. With phosphor plate and Digital sensor technologies for panoramic and intraoral needs, Dental Digital radiography represents the perfect alternative to traditional x-ray processing techniques.

Benefits to the Practice:

Improved efficiency and patient flow through quicker image processing and utilization of images.
Cost-effectiveness and return on investment is immediately realized with the eliminated costs of film, chemicals, processors and maintenance.
No need for a darkroom.
Environmentally friendly.
Electronic storage of images means no more bulky filing cabinets containing yellowing or browning patient x-rays.

Benefits to the Patient:

Higher sensitivity of image plates/sensors means reduced x-ray exposure to patients.

Benefits to the Dentist:

Minimal learning curve – image acquisition and processing similar to traditional radiography.
Improved patient education.
Improved diagnostics for better clinical decision-making and acceptance of treatment plans by patients.
Possibility to email images to colleagues or specialists for consultation.
You can email Dental Digital images for billing purposes. To speed up getting an approval, or getting paid.
With the many clear benefits that come from having digital radiography, Lions Dental Supply and Equipment can also offer you other digital options for total integrated solutions that completely digitize your practice.