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Anthogyr Implanteo LED Implant Motor System

The Implanteo LED  implantology and surgery motor

Anthogyr Implanteo Implant Motor System W/ Mont Blanc 20:1 Contra Angle  $ 4,499

Anthogyr Implanteo LED Implant Motor System W/ Mont Blanc LED 20:1 Contra Angle  $ 4,699

Anthogyr Implanteo LED Implant Motor System W/ No Contra Angle  $ 3,799

Anthogyr Implanteo LED Implant Motor Only  $ 1,410

Anthogyr Implanteo LED Implant Motor Irragation Lines Pack of 10  $ 139

Anthogyr Implanteo LED Dental Implant Motor System

The Implanteo LED Dental Implantology and surgery motor has been carefully designed to provide you with the best surgical assistant . All expected characteristics are now combined to meet your every requirement.

LED Technology : maximum working comfort!

Optimum light quality « Natural light »: 5500°K
Ideal lighting, no more shadows in the working area
Illumination field wider than classical lighting
Adjustable power
Resistance & durability of the LED component

Large color touch screen: simple and user-friendly!

Large color touch screen (5.7-inch screen): optimal visibility
Intuitive navigation with descriptive icons

Power and precision

Large speed and torque range with the Mont Blanc® contra-angle handpiece: speed from 15 to 2,000 rpm and torque from 5 to 80
Contra-Angle Calibration: the precision of the motor is adapted to the contra-angle connected

Surgical intelligence and performance

10 configurable programs; up to 10 sequences per program
Simple data set-up and manipulation
Real-time display of critical data: torque in and speed
Real-time graphical display is only one click away!
Guaranteed patient tracking : data is saved to a USB key
All main functions can be controlled using the ergonomic footpedal: irrigation management, reverse and torque increase, sequence progression