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Heavy Duty Classic Wet Model Trimmers By Buffalo

Heavy Duty Classic Wet Model Trimmers

Buffalo Heavy Duty Classic Wet Model Trimmers

Powerful and Fast Trimming
Industry-leading extra-high torque motors and aggressive-cutting coarse
Carborundum wheels cut fast and smooth saving time and money
Solid Construction
Classic, heavy construction and time-proven balanced direct-drive
systems run quietly and can stay steady and trouble-free on the
job for decades
Enlarged Windows
Larger work windows provide increased working area, improved
vision, and full wheel use while resisting splashing
Versatile Tables
Calibrated work tables indicates model angles and can be easily
tilted and repositioned to suit nearly every trimming requirement
Complete Ready-to-Run Systems
All systems ship complete with a pre-mounted balanced
Aggressive-cutting Carborundum Trimming Wheel, ¼” ID Water
Supply Tubing, 1” ID Water Exhaust Hose, and Wheel Wrenches
Optional Accessories
A wide range of optional accessories are available
including pre-mounted water solenoid valves,
rubber feet, safety shields, numerous diamond
and conventional abrasive wheels, disposable disks,
and several disposable plaster trap options

Heavy Duty Wet Model Trimmer 1/3 hp 10"  SKU # 61790A   $ 719 
Heavy DutyWet Model Trimmer 1/3 hp 12"  SKU # 61825   $ 729 
Extra Heavy DutyWet Model Trimmer 1/2 hp 10"  SKU # 61792   $ 849 
Extra Heavy Duty Wet Model Trimmer 1/2 hp 12"  SKU # 61820   $ 881 

Water Control Solenoid # 61900 Automatically turns the water on and off simultaneously with the motor -a great convenience. $ 139.99

Factory Installed Water Solenoid # 61901 Must be purchased at the same time with one of the units above. $ 159.99  

Rubber Feet For Model Trimmers Set of 4 # 61798 $ 39.99  
Rubber Door Gasket for 10" Model Trimmers # MT-HSGGASK  $ 39.99  
Rubber Door Gasket For 12" Model Trimmers # MT-HSGGASK12 $ 39.99

Safety Shield W/Fleible Neck Bolts To Counter Top # 78400 $ 93.99  

Safety Shield W/Fleible Neck Clamp On # 78900 $ 93.99  

Replacment Clear Safety Shield # 78400RP  $ 45.99

Trap-Eze Disposable Plaster Traps

3 1/2 Gal Complete Trap Eze Kit # 62100  $ 89.99  

3 1/2 Gal Trap Eze Refill # 62106 $ 49.99  
5 Gal Complete Trap Eze Kit # 62110  $ 84.99  
5 Gal Trap Eze Refill # 62112   $ 48.99

Replacement Abrasive Wheels

10" Carborundum Wheel Coarse # 61990 $ 57.99

12" Carborundum Wheel Coarse # 62030 $ 65.99 

Adhesive Backed Sandpaper Discs

 12" Diameter- Coarse Pk 4 # 61963 $ 69.99  

 10" Diameter- Coarse pk 6 # 61960 $ 69.99 
 Plastic Back Up Wheel For 10" # 61961  To give strength to the wheel. $ 49.99 
Plastic Back Up Wheel For 12" # 61964 To give strength to the wheel. $ 49.99 

Diamond Abrasive Wheels 

10" Diameter Coarse Diamond Wheel # 61940 $ 379 

 12" Diameter Coarse Diamond Wheel # 61950 $ 459