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Tuttnauer Washer Disinfector System


Tiva2 H-TD Under Counter Medical/Dental Decontamination Washer Disinfector

Tuttnauer Tiva2 TD Counter Top Decontamination Washer Disinfector Item # 112002041

A washer disinfector is used for the automated cleaning and disinfection of instruments in practices, clinics, dental offices, medical centers and hospitals. The reliable monitoring and documentation of the relevant process parameters ensures standardized and reproducible decontamination procedures.

What is a Washer Disinfector ?

Whether you run a dental clinic, veterinary or a medical practice, keeping clean and hygienic is of paramount importance. The battle against germs is a critical one, and that’s where washer disinfectors come in.


A washer disinfector is the best way to clean and disinfect reusable dental, medical and veterinary instruments. Medical guidelines in fact suggest that, where possible, the use of equipment such as washer disinfectors is preferred to manual hand cleaning. This is because the cleaning and disinfecting process is much more effective.


What happens in a Washer Disinfector?

Firstly, its important to note that there are different washer disinfectors depending on your requirements. For example, a dentist may require a smaller washer disinfector, so that it fits in the clinic. They also tend to see less patients than a hospital, who will see several at one time. A hospital will therefore require a much large machine to cope with the demand of washing a large quantity or reusable medical equipment.


However, the core of each of these washer disinfectors remains the same. All are machines that use heat to thoroughly disinfect instruments so that they can be reused again.


The first stage of a washer disinfectors cycle is to clean the instruments within. Using cold water, the machine will perform a pre-rinse, removing any thick soiling. Next, a detergent cycle will work to remove any remaining agents to ensure instruments are thoroughly cleaned.


Next, comes the disinfection. This is performed at a high heat, around 90°C, over a period of time that can be set by the user. Dekomed Washer disinfectors also come pre-programmed to ensure the correct length of time for the disinfecting process. This process is critical, without it, your instruments may not be safe. Ensuring the equipment is kept at high heat for a period of time ensures any bacteria is killed off so the equipment is safe to use again.


The final stage is the drying stage. Using a washer disinfector helps to save time, as not only do you not have to clean the equipment by hand, but you also save the tedious process of drying it too!


Using a HEPA filter, the washer disinfector will ensure that no additional bacteria or microorganisms transmit onto the equipment during the drying process. The result? Medical equipment that is ready and safe to use right out of the washer disinfector.


Advantages of a Washer Disinfector
Using a washer disinfector has many benefits. Firstly, as we know, Dentists, vets and those in the medical profession don’t have much time. Washer disinfectors help give back some time by providing a level of cleaning that is both effective and efficient. With the machine cleaning and drying, it means that’s one thing less to worry about. It also means you can concentrate on providing care rather than doing the washing up!


Furthermore, with viruses being ever more prevalent, improving the health and safety of your practice can never be underestimated. By thoroughly cleaning your instruments using washer disinfectors, you’re subjecting the utensils to high heat for a prolonged period of time. This kills off bacteria, protecting your patients as well as your staff. Furthermore, instruments can be safely packed away inside the washer disinfector, rather than being handled by your staff, which in itself can lead to injury.


What about maintenance?

To get the most out of your washer disinfector, we recommend that, like many appliances, they are serviced regularly. Fortunately, with Dekomed, we can support you with full maintenance and servicing. This means that any potential issues are prevented rather than having to be reacted to. So your practice and cleaning process can continue uninterrupted.