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DCI Dental Operatory Cart

DCI 4227 Work Surface Dental Operatory Cart

DCI 4227 Work Surface Dental Operatory U-Frame Cart

Solid 1" white laminate top w/ gray edge banding
19" X 19" work surface
Room to mount assistant's instruments & water systems
Space to mount 4416 unit w/ 4445 holder bar & 5417 assistant's package


Series 4 Dr & Assistant Cart System

With the DCI Series 4 Dr & Assistant Cart System, you will be getting the style and functionality your practice needs, without going over budget. This sturdy and adjustable Cart System will fit wherever you need it to go, no matter what your operatory room requires. With the Series 4 Cart System you can look forward to:

A quality piece of operatory equipment that provides innovation and mobility at a price you can afford.
A sleek delivery system with smooth lines for easy cleaning and style that does not sacrifice quality.
High quality DCI components that dental service technicians and equipment manufacturers worldwide trust and use.
Large all metal control head, with the ability to add in high-tech devices at the time of purchase or as dental technology continues to evolve.
Reliability to allow for ease of service down the line and make maintaining your product as simple as possible.


DCI 4227 Work Surface Dental Operatory U-Frame Cart

reg $ 1,499   Call For Price

DCI Series 4 Patient Operatory cart Frames


The DCI Series 4 Cart System is designed to easily go where you need it to go. It also comes with high-quality casters so you won’t scratch your floors and allow you to move freely within your operatory.

DCI Series 4 Patient Operatory carts

Easy Upgrades

With a larger delivery head, we have made sure there is optimal space for quickly and conveniently integrating new technology and devices. Whether you want to add them now or later, easily integrate technology over time.

DCI Series 4 Patient Operatory Head

Built to Last

Each DCI Series 4 Cart System comes with a sturdy all metal control head that is fully adjustable for your comfort. Count on DCI to be your source for easy maintenance and repair resources so maintaining your Cart System and keeping it in top condition does not take too much time or effort.

Options for 4227 DCI Cart

Storage Organizer  #8400E $ 256