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PF-5 ADM Dry Dental Vacuum Pump On Demand

PF-5 Dental Dry Vacuum System On Demand

PF-5 Dental Dry Vacuum System On Demand (ADM)

The PF-5 Vacuum on demand utilizes a Specialized Designed Turbine and advance electronic technology in the design and engineering of our Vacuum on Demand Dry System. Our VFD Solid State Control saves energy, reduces heat, and controls the voltage range that will normally shorten the lifetime of a system. The PF-5 Vacuum on Demand slows down to an idle when not in use then speeds up each time an operatory HVE valve is opened for the needed vacuum. As more operatories are used the speed of the vacuum increases or decreases if less operatories are used. This allows for the energy savings by not operating constantly at full speed as other dry vacuum systems. The solid state sensing system automatically drains the tank when it reaches full capacity or is shut down. The PF-5Vacuum on Demand provides quiet operation while supplying superior suction. The system is completely self-contained and are ready for installation. The Vacuum on Demand system can be installed on any existing vacuum piping, saving you both time and thousands of dollars in savings. The PF-5 Vacuum on Demand dry vacuum system has been designed and engineered to be simple, efficient and reliable (no maintenance needed) and accommodates up to 3 users.

                              • 1-3 Users
                              • 140 lbs.   35"W x 27"D x 21"H
                              • Completely oil-less & water-less operation
                              • Extremely quiet operation 57 dB
                              • Consistant vacuum flow
                              • 8 Gallon Tank
                              • 2 Total H.P.
                              • Environmentally friendly
                              • 230 Volt
                              • 5 Year warranty

                                                            Reg $ 7,495 Call For Price

                                                            QUIET OPERATION
                                                            SHIPPED COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED
                                                            CYCLONIC SEPARATION OF THE -EVACUATED WASTE NO NEED FOR
                                                            VACUUM TRAP
                                                            NO WATER NEEDED
                                                            NO VEINS OR LUBRICATION
                                                            NON- CORROSIVE TANK
                                                            BUILT FOR ENDURANCE
                                                            NO CONCERN OF NOISE
                                                            VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE
                                                            NO TRAP TO CLEAN LIKE OTHER DRY VACS
                                                            SAVE IN WATER AND SEWER COSTS OVER YEARS
                                                            5 YEAR WARRANTY

                                                            PF-5 Dental Dry Tankless System Vacuum On Demand Brochure