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NewTom 3G Cone Beam Imaging System 

NewTom 3G Horizontal Patient CB3D Scanner

NewTom 3G Horizontal Patient CB3D Scanner (Dent-X)

-The NewTom 3G is the only cone beam scanner on the market capable of providing three fields of view, 6", 9", and 12" (cephalometric), from a single scan

-With 10 to 20 times less radiation than other cone-beam systems, NewTom 3G has very low exposure. The NewTom 3G scanner uses a unique pulse system that unlike other systems, activates the x-ray source only when needed, delivering less than 6 seconds of total exposure for a full scan

With the NewTom 3G's exclusive Safe Beam™ technology, the radiation level is set automatically through the evaluation of the patient's anatomical density. A small child will receive up to 40% less radiation than the already very low level for a full-sized adult. Safe Beam technology automatically and continuously monitors system operations eliminating the possibility of incorrect exposures

The NewTom 3G enables the patient to lie comfortably on a padded patient table during the 36-second single-pass scan, resulting in less patient movement and greater image accuracy


A single NewTom 3G scan captures a complete record in the form of a database of digital image information from which multiple types of 3D images, including primary reconstruction images in multiple planes, can be created using the system software

The NewTom 3G's precise 1:1 scale imaging eliminates the magnification errors of conventional cephalometric imaging technology.  This eliminates the distortion and inaccuracy that characterize conventional 2D imaging and provides the most accurate images possible for diagnoses and treatment planning

NewTom 3G
X-ray Source High frequency, constant potential (DC), stationary anode: 110 kV; 1- 15 mA (pulsed mode)
Focal Spot 0.5 - 1.5 (IEC 60336)
X-Ray Cone Beam Proprietary SafeBeamTM control reduces radiation based on patient size
Effective Dose 60 μSv (ICRP 2007, estimate for adult)
X-ray Emission Time 5s approximately
Image Acquisition 360 degree rotation = 360 Images
Image Detector Image intensifier and CCD camera, 1004 x 1004 pixels
Signal Grey Scale 12-bit
Voxel Size Typical and recommended 0.3 mm (dependent on scan setting)
Scan Time 36s
Patient Position Reclining
Reconstruction Volume
Diameter 7.9" / 20 cm (FOV 12"); 5.9" / 15 cm (FOV 9");
3.9" / 10 cm (FOV 6")
Reconstruction Time Approximately 1 minute
Weight 1058 lbs/380 kg gantry only, 480kg with table

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Power Required 200 / 230 v~ (± 10%) 50/60 Hz (± 1%) 4A max
Footprint (W x D) 75" x 99"


NewTom 3G Horizontal Patient CB3D Scanner Brochure

NewTom 3G Horizontal Patient CB3D Scanner Technical Data

NewTom 3G Cone Beam Imaging System (Dent-X)

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