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Strato Digital Panoramic Unit

Strato Digital Panoramic Unit

Strato Digital Panoramic Unit (Dent-X)

Digital Panoramic System

The Strato Digital  Panoramic X Ray is a highly sophisticated digital panoramic x-ray. The Strato Digital is a fully functional digital pan that comes loaded with 16 programs including: Standard Panoramic, Hemi-Panoramic Left, Hemi-Panoramic Right, Open/Closed Mouth TMJ, Biaxial TMJ, Orthogonal Dentition, Sinus P-A and Sinus L-L. All programs and applications have different trajectories for adults and children.

The Strato Digital Panoramic X-Ray has a CCD sensor and uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver a very low dosage x-ray that has a higher resolution than film does, with all of the advantages of digital.

The Strato Digital can operate with or without a computer. When linked to a PC images appear on the monitor in real-time, as the image is being acquired during the panoramic motion. This allows the doctor to make an instant diagnosis. While the Strato Digital is not linked to a computer it can still acquire digital images. If the computer system goes down, the Strato Digital stays up. Images are instantly saved to a Compact Flash card, which is similar to those found in today’s digital cameras. The Compact Flash holds up to 28 images and allows for images to be uploaded to any PC at any time, or inserted directly into a printer to print radiographs without using a computer at all. 2 year warranty

Image quality

The system employs a state-of-the-art high resolution CCD sensor with a CsI (Cesium – Iodide) scintillator screen providing for exceptional sharpness and image quality. Images are transferred to the PC in real time via a high speed USB 2.0 connection and can be seen appearing on the screen during the rotation of the unit. There is no need for dedicated image acquisition boards, making it possible to operate Strato 2000 Full Digital using a laptop.

Freedom of use

Strato 2000 Full Digital offers the innovative feature to acquire images without direct connection to a PC, thanks to a Compact Flash memory card slot included in sensor assembly. Images acquired in this operating mode are stored on the Compact Flash card and can be transferred to any PC at your convenience after the acquisition, by inserting the memory card into an appropriate card-reader.

Excellent diagnostic value

Using dedicated filters and functions, such as edge enhancement, magnification, contrast, brightness and gamma adjustment, measurement, printing, archiving and other again, the powerful and user-friendly post-processing QuickVision software makes it possible to extract useful diagnostic information even from images with incorrect exposures, thereby reducing the need for re-takes.

Strato Digital Panoramic Unit (Dent-X)

reg $ 69,995   Discontunied