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DrQuicklook SD Plus + Intraoral Camera + Extraoral Camera + SD Memory Card+ Touch Screen

Dr Quick Look SD Plus Camera System Dental Intra Oral camera

Dr Quick Look SD Plus Dental Camera System (DrQuicklook)

Every patient will understand the condition of their teeth by “seeing what you see”. SD Plus is a state of the art dental camera system. QUICKLY show patients calculus, fractures, cavities, loose fillings and more that simply CAN'T be done with hand mirrors!

With Live Video, Freeze, Zoom, SAVE, and Instant Review capabilities using only SD Plus. Also, with reusable memory card save images to ANY computer using ANY electronic charts program you presently own!

Dr Quick Look SD Plus Dental Camera System

reg $ 2,359   Sale $ 1,559

Camera Wand

HD Intraoral Camera with 6 LEDs, captures up to 1024x768 High Resolution

Live Video, Freeze, Zoom and SAVE images to the removable, reusable Memory Card.
Patient holds viewer, allowing you to use a finger rest and capture, clear, crisp images.

  Wand  Taking wand off  Live Images  Live Images


Extraoral Camera on back of unit works like a regular camera

Save a series of images to reusable memory card.
Take a complete composite with occlusal views, lateral dental shots, anterior overjet and more.

Camera video selection screen video selection screen video selection screen


Large 5" Touch Screen Easily Activates Features

Touch screen to activate all the features. Provides a large image for patients to “see what you see”.

Review Images Review Images Clear Images video selection screen

Review Images
Instantly Review the Saved Images

Use the toggle buttons on front of unit and click through all the saved images with patient.
Zoom, delete and move an image with your finger to focus on problem area.

Reviewing Images Clear Images


Draw On Screen and Save

While in “Review Saved Images” draw circles, arrows and more right on the screen.
Submit with insurance claim, import to electronic chart, or print.

Draw On Screen Clear crisp image Patient with Headphones Patient with Headphones


Transfer images to ANY electronic chart in seconds, it's EASY. No Software Integration is required (instructions included).

Save to ANY computer, Save to ANY practice management software with electronic charts. (Accessories included)

SD Card SD Card SD Card


Print directly from most printers

Today, most printers have an SD memory card slot to instantly print images without computer.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Convenient charger base, up to 8 hours of continuous use. Battery level indicates when charge is needed. Battery life up to 3 years. Replacement is easy and affordable, contact us when required.

SD Card SD Plus SD Plus



Clock/date settings for your time zone.
Time/Date Stamp for saved images.
Set camera resolutions up to 1024x768.
Free Lifetime Updates sent from DrQuickLook.


DrQuicklook SD Plus™ with Patient Education

Upgrade to include patient education videos and slides. Learn More

All Accessories Included to Get Started!

  • (1) SD Plus™ Camera System
  • 200 Sheaths
  • 2 GB Reusable SD Memory Card
  • USB to SD Card Adapter
  • Stylus Pen
  • Three Foot USB to SD Card Extension Cord
  • Standard 3.5 Headphone Jack (headphones not included)
  • 110 Volt AC Wall Plug with Countertop Charger
  • Simple to Read Instructions
  • Tips on how to use DrQuickLook

More Valuable Features Included

  • Complete One Year Warranty
  • Laid Flat LCD Screen 2 Minute Auto Off
  • Camera Cord Stretches to 37"
  • Rapid Battery Charger
  • Free Lifetime Updates