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  • 06-10-2003

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment opens and is trying to compete against Glove club and beat they're current prices on Dental Disposables, Such as dental bibs , head rest covers, barrie film, and cotton rolls.. Lions Dental Supply is rolling back prices to when Glove Club had the best prices around, Now Lions Dental Supply beats they're Price by up to 45% on some products.

  • 8-12-2003

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Dentex's line of products. Which include Dental Handpieces that are both affordable and of very high quality manufactured right here in the united states Dentex makes Quality generic Highspeed Handpieces for Star, Midwest, Kavo, Bien Air, and NSK. We even carry all of the turbines to replace the turbines in these name brand Dental High Speed Handpieces your use to. The high quality of Dentex's High Speed Handpieces shows in the final product.

  • 10-20-2003

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Medicom's line of products. Medicom is well known for they're disposables such as they're sterilization pouches which are priced a lot less inexpensive then Crosstex, and have the same great quality that you would expect. Lions Dental Supply also carrys Medicom's preventive line of products such as fluoride gel , Chlorhexidine,  fluoride rinse's, and  anesthstic topical.

  • 10-20-2003

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Microcopy's line of products. Microcopy is well known for they're one use diamond burs such as they're Neodiamons which are priced a lot less inexpensive then others. The NeoDiamond burs are made with very high quality in mind. They also make NeoBurs which are Dental Carbide Burs from round burs to surgical burs. Microcopy Neoburs and Diamond Burs will replace all the burs you use now.

  • 12-01-2003

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquired Bonart Medical's line of products. Bonart Medical has a wide array of Dentl Equipment. All of Bonart Medical's Dental Equipment comes with a 18 month warranty and is very  durable.

Bonart Medical's Dental Equipment Line Includes Dental Electrosurgery unit, Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Units, Dental Curring Lights, Ultrasonic Scaler Tips & Insterts, Piezo Scaler Units, Combo Ultrasonic Scaler and Polisher Units, and Dental Micro Motors.

  • 04-15-2004

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquired Nouvag's line of products. The products that Lions Dental Supply is carrying from Nouvag's line of products are they're well known Dental Micro Motrs and they're Dental Surgical Implant Motors. 

Mouvag's small equipment line is used and sold by Sybron Endo and that should tell you the high quality that Nouvag has. Nouvag is the leading manufacturer of dental Endodontic Micro Motors and Surgical Implant Motor Systems.

  • 09-10-2004

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquired Dentamerica's line of products. The products that Lions Dental Supply is carrying from Dentamerica's line is mostly they're  well known small equipment line.

They're small equipment line is known for it's fair economical pricing, and is to include Micro motors, Ultrasonic & Piezo Scalers, Plasma Arc Pac Bleaching Light,  not to forget the camrex Intraoral Camera.

  • 02-21-2005

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquired Dental Usa's line of products to include the Elity 70 X Ray Unit, Elity Mobile X-ray Unit, Piezo Scaler , Ultrasonic Scaler, Dental Curing Lights , Amalgamators, and Slow Speed Handpieces. They Manufacture a very economical X Ray Unit that can be used for Dental, Medical Or Vetinary needs.

  • 01-09-2006

    Our prices have gone up to keep up with manufacturer price increases. we still strive to be the lowest price around. But we have top keep up with the manufacturers. Please help us in this time of rising inflation to keep our prices down. You can help by passing along our website address or phone number. This will help us with our advertising costs. Because the more advertising we pay for, The higher the prices will go to offset the advertising costs.

  • 03-15-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment  acquired Parkell's line of products and is having great success with sales . The products sale themselves. Lions Dental Supply is carrying products from Parkell's line to include impression materials such as Cinch Platnium , Blue mouse and Smartemp temporary crown and bridge material

They also carry Parkell's well known line of small dental equipment, like the Turbosensor ultrasonic scaler, the Sensimatic Electrosurgery unit, Formatron d-10 digital electronic Apex locator , and the Turbopiezo piezo scaler. Just to name a few . Most of Parkell's equipment is backed by a unbeatable 5 year  warranty.

  • 04-19-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment is number 1 leader for small dental equipment sales.  We carry all small Dental Equipment used in the Dental office today , i.e. Curing lights, Ultrasonic Scalers, Piezo Scalers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Dental Intraoral X-Ray Units, Electrosurgery Units Endo Micro Motors , Intraoral X Ray Film Developers, and Surgical Implant Motors We mark our equipment at the lowest price to give our customers a break on the high costs of dental supplies. We know that just because the market is of dental nature the price is automaticly raised to make huge profits.But not with  Lions Dental Supply & Euipment  we only mark our products up at a minimal rate to pass along savings to you the doctor!

  • 04-26-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Pac-Dent Line of products. Pac-Dent carry a wide array of dental products from impression material to bonding agents and disposables. We are glad to do business with Pac-Dent and togather will bring our customers more products at an affordable price.

  • 04-28-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Galaxy Stools & Chairs. Galaxy makes a large selection of dental stools for the doctor, Hygenist and the assistant. Galaxy's Stools are made high quality material. They even make X-Ray cahirs and reception chairs at an affordable price. Lions Dental Supply is happy to be selling Galaxy's dental stools and chairs and other dental equipment.

  • 05-01-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Chicago X-Ray Line of products. Lions Dental Supply is one of the fastest growing dental supplies today. Chicago X-Rays carry a wide array of dental Intraoral X-Ray Units at very affordable prices. Which Lions Dental Supply can pass along to you! Chicago X-Ray has  Panoramic & ceph X Ray Machines that are of high quality. We also carry Chicago's Digital Panoramic X-Ray Machine, which will give you direct instant access to your pano's anywhere in your office network. Chicago X Ray Units are Made in Italy. And have all the High tech features you want form your X ray unit. Take a look today at the Dental Intraoral X-ray Machines from Chicago X-ray, such as Blue-X and Corix X- Ray Units. This X Ray Units are made of very high quality.

  • 06-12-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires L&R Ultrasonics Line of products. Lions Dental Supply will carry Sweepzone Ultrasonic cleaners because of they're high quality and Inovative technology, and L & R Ultrasonic's are still very affordable. Sweepzone Ultrasonic cleaners come with a unprecedented 2 1/2 year warranty, Which is unheard of for ultrasonic cleaners. L & R Ultrasonics  Manufacturing Company is a leader in Ultrasonic Technology, The SweepZone Ag cleaning system automatically adjust to different conditions to create uniform cleaning power—eliminating hot spots and weak areas. SweepZone technology uses "Smart Circuit," a custom-engineered electronic component that creates Constant Power Output (CPO) for consistent, uniform cleaning. Manufacturing Ultrasonic Cleaners for all Industies such as Jewelry, Medical , and for the Dental Field.

  • 06-15-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Dentech's line of dental equipment. Dentech makes a large selection of dental equipment from dental stools to dental patient chairs and operatory lights.

Dentech's high quality is well known all over the U.S. Dentech also offers dental mobile cabinets and a complete line of cabinets for the best most effcient dental operatory. Dentech's Operatory chairs are of very high quality, the quality can be seen in the workmen ship of the chair itself.

  • 06-16-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Dental Business International America Line of products.  D.B.I. is a privately owned company with over twenty five years of experience in the dental field.

DBI manufacturers and distributes a variety of small dental equipments that are used in the human and veterinary field. Today D.B.I. products are not only distributed in the USA but also in 30 countries through 200 Distributors.

D.B.I. manufacturers Dental Curing Lights, Dental Handpieces(Slow speed handpieces & high speed handpieces), Autoclaves, Polishers, Dental Piezo Scalers, Dental Ultrasonic Scalers, and Tips. D.B.I. has some of the highest quality Piezo Scalers and Air Polishers.

D.B.I. Imports Amdent Piezo Scalers and has a very nice line of protable self contained units that dispense medicine or irragation to the patient.

  • 07-26-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Crest Ultrasonics Line of products. Crest's exclusive Tru Sweep feature ensures uniform cleaning throughtout the tank by sweeping the ultrasonic frequency +2 kHz, Creating overlaping ultrasonic waves. This eliminates incosistent cleaning. Crest has been leading the way since 1961 in the development, installation and support of high quality Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems.  Crest's reputation as an industry leader is the result of year after year of technologic breakthroughs that enhance precision cleaning with they're Ultrasonic cleaners. Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners can be used for all industries, Dental , Medical , Firearms, and Jewlery  Crest even custom makes Ultrasonic cleaners to your specifications.

  • 08-01-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires DXM Line of products. DXM is a manufacturer in South Korea which has been around for many years manufacturering products under different brand names for they're customers. DXM is now coming to the united states with its  Dental Intraoral Camera that is far superior to any Intraoral camera out there, It has zoom and Led lights to brighten the picture, not to mention it is so simple to use and portable. They have superior Dental Equipment and the Bleaching light is the only Dental bleaching Light on the market that is cordless so that you are not tripping over the cord as you move it around the operatory. The curing light they have wieghs 120gms and is designed so well it has a true light intensity of 1,200 mW/Cm2. Once you try DXM's products you will see that they are making quality products for a great price.

  • 08-05-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Hot Shot Ultrasonic Cleaners Line. Hot shot Ultrasonic Cleaners all come with heaters, timer, drian , lid, and baskets. Hot shot Ultrasonic Cleaners are for Dental, jewelry, parts, Medical Offices, and More. Hot Shot Ultrasonic Cleaners are One of the most economical Ultrasonic Cleaners on the market. You won't find a better Ultrasonic Cleaner at a lower price.

  • 08-26-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires JDS mfg Line of Dental Vacuum Pumps. JDS mfg is a company who only does dental vacuum pumps. Dental Vacuum pumps are they're specialty. JDS Mfg has a big line up of Dental Vacuum Pumps from a  nice little 1 horse power to a stronge 4.5 h.p. 10 user.  Lions Dental Supply will work closely with JDS mfg to service and install all JDS Vacuums.

  • 09-08-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Palmero Health Care's Line of Products. Palmero Health Care is  commenly known for its Disinfectant wipes. DisCide wipes are used threw out the health care industry not just in the dental field.Palmero Health Care Makes chemicals and cleaners for every purpose, from Glass cleaner to fabric cleaner. They even make mixing pads for mixing of Dental cements and Dental impression material.

  • 09-15-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Cetylite Industries's Line of Products. Cetylite Ind is well known for its Disinfectant Spray Cetycide II, for it's cold sterile Solution Cetycide-G which is the most economical to use and store. They also are well known for Cetylite's Topical (Cetacaine) that is used in the medical & dental field.

  • 09-19-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Velopex. Velopex is known for the very popular Dental Film Processors/ Developers that they manufacture. Lions Dental Supply will carry and repair all Velopex's Products. Velopex even manufacturers they're own Dental X-Ray Devloper And fixer Chemicals. Velopex's X-ray Developer Solution is very high quality at a low cost to you. If you need X-Ray Film Developer Solution count on Velopex's Solution.

A few of the Dental Film Processors that you might be familiar with would be Velopex's Intra-X, Sprint, Intra-XE, and Xtender Intraoral X-Ray Film Processor/ developer.

  • 09-21-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires AFP Imaging's Line. AFP Imaging more commenly known as Dent-X is a large manufacturer of Intraoral Dental X-Rays, Panoramic, Ceph & Temography Units. All Dental X-Ray units are backed by a 2 year warranty. Dent-X is the manufacturer for Eva Digital Intraoral X-Ray Sensors & the very popular Dent-X 810 Dental Film Processor/ Developer. Lions Dental Supply will carry and repair all Dent-X Products. We also have Excel X-Ray Fixer Solutuon And Excel X-Ray Developer solution.

  • 09-27-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Keystone's line of products. Keystone Industrys also is well known for the other brand names it manufacturers such as, mizzy, T & S plastics, Hatho, Yeti, and Dental Resources. Keystone Ind. is well known for all of it's Dental Lab Equipment That they manufacture, such as Dental Vacuum Formers and Dental Plaster Vibrators. Keystone Ind makes over 4 Different styles of Dental Vacuum Formers to Choose from.

  • 10-03-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Chambermaid Products Inc's line of products. Chambermaid is the manufacturer of the famous Chambermaid Asepti- Clave  Sterilizer. They claim to be the Fastest Full Size Sterilizer Available today. It is made almost completely of Stainless Steel to prevent corrosion. the Chambder maid Autoclave has no micro electronics to break down making it very reliable. This is one of the best Dental Sterilizers on the market today.

  • 11-05-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Barnstead International line of products better known for the Harvey Chemiclave they manufacturer.The Parent company Thermo Fisher Scientific Is a manufacturer of all labratory products. The Harvey dental sterilizer line has grown to include Dental Autoclaves that use steam and give deep steam penitration for complete sterilization of your dental instruments. The harvey Steam  Autoclaves are digital and well made of the highest materials. The Thermo Fisher Scientific /harvey Dental Sterilizers come with a 24 month warranty.

  • 11-15-2006

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires HOYA ConBio line of products better known for they're Dental Lasers they manufacturer. HOYA ConBio is a leader in manufacturing Dental Lasers for both soft and hard tissue treatments. The DioDent II Laser is a soft Tissue Laser and is very cost effective. The VersaWave Dental Laser is for Hard & soft Tissue. You can use the VersaWave Dental Laser for carries preparation, No more cold water and waiting for the patient to get numb. If you'r looking for a dental laser, than look no futher. We have what you are looking for. Buy Your HOYA ConBio Dental Laser Today!!

  • 05-15-2008

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Cefla Dental Group"s line of products better known for they're Wireless X-ray Digital Sensors, X-ray UNits and Intraoral Cameras.  The Myray WDS Wireless Digital X-Ray Sensor is the best Bluetooth Technology on the market today! High Definition X-ray Images Are achieved using a Three-layer intraoral sensor, improved
diagnostics at minimal X-ray exposure rate. All the best Technology for the lowest price. MyRay C-U2 Digital Intra-oral camera is easy to use just plug the USB into any computer and get high quality sharp images.

  • 07-30-2008

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires OroScience line of products better known for they're Dental Soft tissue Laser The Curative 980.  The New Curitive 980 Diode Soft Tissue Laser By OroScience offers dental professionals the first diode laser system designed specifically for soft tissue management. The OroScience Soft Tissue Laser is very cost effective for Your Return On Investment.

  • 03-15-2010

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Tuttnauer Autoclaves line of products better known for they're Steam Sterilizers. Tuttnauer Has been making sterilizers for over 80 Years. Tuttnauer’s sterilization and infection control products have been trusted by hospitals, universities, research institutes, clinics and laboratories throughout the world. Tuttnauer Sterilizers are Supplied to over 100 countries, Tuttnauer has earned global recognition as a leader in sterilization and infection control.

  • 05-26-2012

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Summit Dental Systems line of products better known for they're Dental Operatory Packages. Since 1986, Summit Dental Systems (SDS) has been an internationally recognized manufacturer of high quality, and affordable dental equipment. Summit Dental System's line of products includes hydraulic and electro-mechanic dental, hygiene, and orthodontic chairs, operating lights, delivery systems, assistant's instrumentation, and operating stools. SDS Dental Chairs is a leading manufacturer of high quality dental equipment with a proud history dating back more than 25 years.


  • 05-04-2017

California Dental Association- CDA Convention. Lions Dental Supply invites you to come see some of the Dental Equipment New For 2017. 


  • 01-12-2017

Lions Dental Supply & Equipment acquires Engle Dental Operatory Chairs & Packages line of products. Engle Chairs Are well known in the industry. Engle Dental Systems is the only company that makes the fully programmable Traverse Chair. Engineered to fit in the smallest spaces, the Engle Traverse Chair has a footprint 10" smaller than a standard dental chair. Handcrafted in Hillsboro, Oregon, Engle Dental products are engineered and manufactured under our own roof. This ensures a High level of quality you can rely on. For the past 50 years, Engle has built its reputation on quality, ingenuity, and integrity. With industry-leading engineering and customer service that dentists rely on.